Sunday, January 3, 2010

About Messages from Istanbul and Remembering the Mangoes

My friend Guven in Istanbul emailed me the following message about the Nopales Fiesta Salad this morning: "We love salads and Dilek [Guven's wife] is an expert. For the cactus (fresh) I need to go south to my hometown Antalya but then some of the other ingredients won't be available there. In any case we'll try it at first opportunity." I wonder if the Turkish cactus that they like is the same as the Mexican nopales that I use. An interesting note about nopales: it helps regulate blood sugar and in Mexico doctors prescribe it for diabetics.

The thing about the mangoes is that when I wrote up the Nopales Fiesta Salad recipe I forgot that I love to chop up a fresh mango and put it into that salad. I only use the dried cranberries when I can't find a good mango or don't have one handy. I have revised the recipe for the cookbook, but if you are reading this blog now, please include a mango in the recipe.

Eat well, be well, live deliciously.

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